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A selection of creative pastries and cakes with refined flavours

The Maison Pâtisserie Créative invites you to taste cakes and pastries made with originality. Made by a team of pastry designers with French know-how, our products make your event a moment of pure delight.

Our catalogue consists of original birthday cakes for boys or girls, but also for adults. De pieces mounted for a wedding exceptional, de personalized pastries for an unforgettable baptism or baby shower. From cake original designer like letter and number cake customizable. But also small sweet attentions to offer as a guest gift.

All our recipes are prepared in our workshops, with natural ingredients and without preservatives. Our products are characterized by light and fragrant flavours, both scary and creamy textures and fresh and seasonal products.

Traditional cake recipes with an extra touch of creativity

Need for a birthday cake for chic woman and refined, a luxury wedding cake or a fine and tasty sweetness? You're in the right place! At Creative Pastry, all our artisanal productions are defined by the balance between the unique turn of our pastors and their creative and original spirit. The combination of these two aspects gives shape to the cake of your dreams. Whatever your desires, you will certainly find your happiness among our selection of cake design.

Design cake for all your events

Are you preparing the announcement of a pregnancy or a marriage application? Are you in the middle of the anniversary of your child or spouse? Order it cake which corresponds to your event among a remarkable range of pastry creations and discover our totally customizable sweet snacks.

The Universe of La Haute Pâtisserie Créative suggests a varied choice of treats such as biscuits pEmployees with text message or a logo, or Paris macarons in the form of a box or pyramid. But also of number and letter cake carefully decorated.

Ordering a cake or pastry online: how does it work?

Just order your birthday cake or pastry directly on our site. To do this, simply complete the form on which you can specify your choice and the customizations you want. It is possible to be delivered within 24 hours, or to choose a specific delivery date in our availability schedule. Simple and fast, our order system will support your request as soon as possible. We also have a customer service to which you can place your order by phone, au 0176506080 orMy_S3JwOa8N9SQtg8-0QBD83Jh0R8Ews5v0TVwC43WKLTl3tHOp9o9Kjb12-G5GxOG143WpgjizS4VOPGW2EyOilVbx0MoMwzDnCy976hWMB7Q9bY7GIYrioiMagN0CIwqg43cHNvGfoO2pcDQo8jHbfmNv30vtyg4ww54cmWB_gyUZ6hTWso6j_nQ.

Delivery per courier

All our cakes are delivered by one of our couriers to ensure a reception of the goods in the best conditions. In this way, all our pieces, even the most delicate, are delivered indemnity.

Boulogne-Billancourt: a city in rich history

Boasting a remarkable architectural heritage of the 1930s, charming residential and artistic quarters and a sluggish city centre, Boulogne-Billancourt is a city full of history. In 2019, she celebrated her 700 years. Centuries of history during which the small town became a city slowly spread its territory, now a neuralgic center of industry and commerce in France. With its 121’334 inhabitants, Boulogne-Billancourt is the 30th French city and continues to grow. The majority of people live by a young and feminine population (60% of the inhabitants are under 45 years of age and 53% are women), Boulogne-Billancourt is an attractive and dynamic city.

We also deliver your birthday, wedding or other event cakes for free and in less than 24 hours in Nanterre, Asnières-sur-seine, Columbuses, Courbevois, Remeuil-malmaison, Issy-les-moulineaux, Levallois-perret, Clichy, Neuilly-sur-seine...