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Discover our creative cakes and pastries

Celebrate your festivities with greed and enjoy a unique pastry creation made from traditional recipes. To celebrate the birthday of an adult or a child, opt for one of our creation cakes and customize it as you like. For events as important as a wedding, a baptism or a baby shower, we offer you a selection of high-end climbing pieces and sweet snacks that will make sensation with your guests. Discover all our artisanal productions and choose the perfect dessert for your event.

100% natural artisanal productions

Choosing Creative Pastry is choosing a dessert that is both decorative and succulent. Nos creations are characterized by the marriage of 100% natural ingredients, traditional recipes and inventiveness. The result is defined by a refined, light and tasty pastry.

Creative Pastry counts on a team of pastry-makers with French know-how, passionate about their craft. Whatever the circumstances, our products will meet your expectations: a wedding cake for a luxury wedding, a chic and distinguished birthday cake or a macaron pyramid to brighten up a business evening. Everything is possible!

Our design cakes

The letter and number cakes are cakes in the form of a letter or number, made with sweet biscuit, seasonal fruit and a light cream. Made of macarons, meringues, chocolates and flowers, it is a particularly aesthetic and colourful dessert.

Tastings of cakes at home

In order to anticipate as much as possible your day or party evening, we invite you to discover our home tasting service. To do this, simply select the products and fragrances of your choice, then book the day that suits you best. A team will go directly to your home for a unique moment of delectation! This is an excellent way to discover the different flavors of our cakes in order to make the best choices for the day J.

Pass my cake order or pastry online in just a few clicks

You can place your cookie order online, by phone or by whatsapp. This will take you only a few minutes thanks to our simple and efficient control system. After selecting your products, you can customize them with a text or logo of your choice. Then you will only have to choose the number of parts and the desired fragrances. Finally, select the day on our online calendar and set the delivery mode. Delivery to the city of Saint-Denis is free of charge. It is quite possible to be delivered from one day to another by placing your order before 8:00. If you prefer to validate your purchase by phone, contact our customer service 0176506080 or directly on j7qMll-WAS2-9Au1tzSLKgFWquAU0tY6o0XMC6iXf3qQHaZJJpmeyepnrabwyouiw2mN98IBnqN0_sfFWNmyQ4TgKbklrTyUy8nxUCyDX0d8Vk4lZIMdRnCGJGkYibmTDKuZlSXdrAYb23AhFv_sosMH0Be2GaMzBwwgLH9eQ5vJH_LHj-27SUhPug. For a successful celebration, the Creative Pastry House delivers all its products by couriers to ensure a perfect reception of the goods, even the most delicate.

Saint-Denis: a sustainable city with continuous growth

Modern and industrial city, Saint-Denis is an example of sustainable development with the deployment of more than 75 hectares of green spaces and the award in 2004 “Ruban du développement durable”. From its beginnings as medieval city, then as sepulture and later as one of the main working cities of France, Saint-Denis has always been able to adapt to the various challenges of his eras. Since the 1990s, Saint-Denis has continued to grow and is home to more people. This is why its developments are constantly improving in order to offer a peaceful living environment, close to the capital. Our Creative Pastry House delivers its cakes and pastries on the entire city of Saint-Denis, free of charge and directly to home.